Lake Superior, Photograph provided by local Thomas Spence
Our Program
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Our elementary students flourish in multi-grade classrooms, where every child receives one-on-one attention and benefits from working together with classmates in an encouraging and vibrant setting. Parents and community members actively engage in student learning and work in concert with teachers and staff members to promote the best interest and success of each student.


Special Education

We offer special education services on site at Birch Grove Community School, provided by qualified special education staff. If you believe your child might qualify for these services, or if you would like to learn more about our program, please contact the school office.

Literacy Plan

Our current practice includes a scientifically based curriculum, small group instruction in the classroom, 90 minutes per day on reading instruction, 30-60 minutes per day devoted to independent reading and writing, staff meetings specifically dedicated to student assessment and achievement, staff development, and individual plans designed to increased academic performance in students that are not making adequate growth. Please read about Birch Grove’s current practices in this literacy plan.

Our Mission

Birch Grove Community School will promote academic excellence utilizing our unique natural setting allowing students to reach their potential, preparing them to become socially and environmentally responsible, self-directed, life-long learners.

Our Vision

Birch Grove Community School envisions quality curriculum, excellent staff, and committed families and community members. 

Our vision also includes:

  • A K-5 educational program in multi-grade classrooms.
  • Low student/teacher ratios.
  • A focus on: reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Preparing students to be active and responsible citizens in their community.
  • Encouraging student/parent/community ownership in their community school.

Birch Grove Community School will provide a nurturing and safe environment where:

  • Parents and community members are actively engaged in student learning.
  • High expectations for students and staff are modeled and clearly defined.
  • Quality programs are developed, evaluated, and continuously improved.
  • All students’ needs are met.
  • Student-teacher ratios in the classroom are low.
  • Students’ lives are further enriched through active partnership with local citizens.