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We welcome monetary donations to our school and appreciate the supplies, equipment, and programs that donations make possible. Interested in donating? Please view the right side of this page for details on how to donate your monetary donations.

We also offer a few more ways for our community members to give monetary donations to our school. Please read about a few of these options. If you have any questions regarding donations, please contact the school office. We thank you in advance for your generosity in fostering the success of our wonderful school.

Patronage Reward Giving Program

Are you a member of North Shore Federal Credit Union? If so, then you have an opportunity to help Birch Grove Community School.

Each year, North Shore Federal Credit Union celebrates its success by returning earnings to its members in the form of a Patronage Reward. The Patronage Reward is divided equally between borrowers and savers and is prorated based on the amount of interest paid on loans or interest earned on savings for each member. The more you save or borrow with NSFCU, the larger your reward.

North Shore Federal Credit Union credits Patronage Rewards to its members on December 31 of each calendar year to each member’s special Patronage Reward account. Members are free to withdraw the funds or leave them in the account to earn a high rate of interest, which is currently 10% annual percentage rate.

North Shore Federal has created the Patronage Reward Giving Program, which allows its members to donate any balance currently held in their Patronage Rewards account to any designated Community Advantage non-profit organization, such as Birch Grove Community School. This program will enable us to bring in substantial donation dollars to establish an endowment and/or cover costs of the valuable services and programs that our organization provides to our community.

Consider paying it forward! Donate your Patronage Reward to Birch Grove Community School. Call or stop by your local North Shore Federal Credit Union office and request your donation transfer today.

Contact Information


Silver Bay 218-226-4401 or 800-450-0709
Lutsen 218-663-7665 or 888-213-9573
Grand Marais 218-387-1312 or 877-387-1312

Give MN

If you would like to support our school in a monetary way, please visit the GiveMN website to donate. We appreciate and value your generosity. 

Give MN

How To Donate

Mail in: P.O. Box 2383, Tofte, MN 55615

Drop off: 9 Goodneighbor Hill Road (Upon entering the building, take a left in the hallway. The school office is the first door on your left.)

*Please make checks or money orders payable to: Birch Grove Community School


Online via PayPal/credit card: Please feel free to donate by credit card or PayPal by clicking on the Donate button below.

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